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Metadefender Cloud

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Metadefender Cloud

Online cloud antivirus Metadefender Cloud will scan and detect viruses in files using multiple antivirus engines. It will scan the specified links and determine the harmfulness of the websites.

The online antivirus Metadefender Cloud uses more than 30 antivirus engines to check the maliciousness of objects and has a 140 megabyte file limit.

Metadefender Cloud check

Metadefender Cloud file review result

If you don't trust downloaded files from the Internet, check the online antivirus Metadefender Cloud to find out how safe it is to use it. The Cloud Malware Detection Service will provide a detailed report if the file being analyzed is affected, indicates the degree of risk, and gives the name of the threat.

In addition to checking files, links, and sites, Metadefender Cloud can scan IP addresses, hash amounts of applications, and (CVE) numbers of specific vulnerabilities.
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