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VirSCAN online antivirus scanning service allows you to scan downloaded files for viruses and other malware using the detection mechanisms of many antivirus engines.

The VirSCAN online antivirus will help reveal by a multi-engine scanner how malicious, dangerous and harmful certain files are to your computer, or completely harmless and ready to be used.

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VirSCAN allows you to download any files that are no larger than 20 megabytes. Support for rar and zip archives containing within no more than 20 files with password «infected» or «virus» has been implemented.

VirSCAN scan results

The VirSCAN online antivirus cannot replace antivirus software on your computer. VirSCAN is not designed and is not able to protect your computer from malware. The service only scans files that may contain viruses, trojans, backdoors, spyware, and other threats.

However, VirSCAN is not responsible for the scan results. Even if all antivirus engines can't detect malware in the file you download, it doesn't guarantee that it's clean and secure for your computer. Some antivirus engines may identify files as infected, but this can be a false positive.

If the file you downloaded is detected as suspicious, VirSCAN will send the file and notify the antivirus engine vendors present at VirSCAN. Anti-virus companies will update the virus signature database if real malicious software is found.
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