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Online scanner QUTTERA

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The online antivirus QUTTERA, checks websites using a kind of heuristic analysis, detects viruses and malicious code so that users can identify the infected resource.

The Internet Resource Scanner QUTTERA detects zero-day threats using technology without signature analysis, detects traffic redirection, intrusive advertising, malicious software, security vulnerabilities, and other known and unknown online malicious activities.

Online check with QUTTERA scanner

The result of a check-up of the site

In addition to online antivirus, the QUTTERA service provides protection for websites through a firewall that prevents hackers from hacking and blocks requests to your portal. Protects against SQL injection, XSS and other application layer attacks, as well as unknown threats.

QUTTERA unique threat detection technology supports traffic filtering (WAF), which is implemented by a dedicated team of experienced security professionals.
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