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Auslogics BitReplica — Free License

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Auslogics BitReplica

Get a free license for Auslogics BitReplica. A tool to backup and then recover the necessary files in the event of a computer virus crashing or hitting it.

You simply form a BitReplica Auslogics profile, select which files are backup, and create duplicates of data that can be easily and quickly restored.

Auslogics BitReplica New Profile

Auslogics BitReplica Features

  • Store important documents, valuable photos, videos, and music files on an external disk, network location, desktop, or cloud storage.
  • The ability to create separate backup profiles with different schedules and other settings for different types of files.
  • Save space on the drive with advanced backup tools.
  • The backup schedule is at the user's discretion.
  • Back up data from almost any medium.
  • Restore one or more files.

Auslogics BitReplica Main Window

How to get a free Auslogics BitReplica license

1. Download Auslogics BitReplica and install:

Download Auslogics BitReplica

Operating System Support: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32 or 64-bit)

2. Activate the product before you create a profile in the main window or through the Help > Register BitReplica menu below and reboot the app:


Activate Auslogics BitReplica

License features
  • License to use version for life.
  • There is no update to the latest versions.
  • There is no free technical support.
  • Only non-commercial use.
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