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Norton Security Premium — Free License for 3 months

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Norton Security Premium — Free License

Get a free license for Norton Security Premium for 3 months. Protect your 10 devices for free from viruses, encryption, spyware, malicious applications, network attacks, and other Internet threats.

Norton Security Premium is a complex antivirus that is very easy for a computer and securely protects important user data from various malware, detects and blocks hacker attacks and ensures the full security of the device.

Norton Security Premium

For computers based on the Wndows operating system, Norton Security Premium antivirus provides the most extensive range of security components to reliably protect computer users from virus infection, file corruption by ransomware, intruders through ports and prevent identity theft.

It can be useful
Norton Security Premium - Protrcted

Norton Security Premium Integrated Antivirus

  • Automatic protection of the computer from viruses.
  • Technology to block new SONAR threats.
  • Protection from phishing and banking.
  • Lock infected sites and downloads.
  • Defender of user data.
  • Intelligent firewall.
  • Computer performance.
  • Preventing intrusions.
  • Prevention of vulnerabilities.
  • Protect your email.
  • Task schedule.
  • Information screen.
  • Scenario management.
  • Protect your web browser.
  • Automatic backup of important user data.
  • Parental controls for child safety.
  • 25 gigabytes of network backup storage.

Norton Security Premium - Backup

How to get a free Norton Security Premium license for 3 months

1. Download the Norton Security Premium integrated antivirus and install:

Download Norton Security Premium

Operating Systems Support: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/ 7

2. Create a new account by confirming it by email.

Create a new account

3. Use a new distribution to quickly update to the new version program by making the installation on top. Don't forget to turn off Norton Community Watch.

Install Update

4. Reboot your computer and use comprehensive protection for 3 months for free.

Reboot your computer

5. To install and activate Norton Security Premium on another device, log in to your account in your personal account, in the «My Norton» section, click the "Protect another device" link and choose a suitable installation option.

Norton Security Premium Subscription

License features
  • License for 10 any devices Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Backup is only available on your computer.
  • Free updates to new versions throughout the period.
  • Available for personal use.
  • There is no technical support.
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