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McAfee LiveSafe — Free License for 60 days

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McAfee LiveSafe

Free license for McAfee LiveSafe complex antivirus for 60 days. Ensure that all your devices are protected from viruses running Windows, macOS, Android or iOS operating systems.

McAfee LiveSafe's comprehensive antivirus product comes with a reliable firewall, anti-spyware, malicious site blocker, password manager, parental control, and secure cloud storage, and protects against as much as possible from a wide range of security threats.

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McAfee LiveSafe launch page

You can choose to quickly check critical areas of your computer, start a full scan or not take any action at all, files will be checked for viruses when accessing them. McAfee LiveSafe checks in the background, so you don't have to worry and keep doing business.

McAfee LiveSafe - Virus Check

The McAfee LiveSafe two-way firewall will protect your computer from hackers who can access the system and capture important data. He conducts complete control over outgoing and incoming information based on the rules prescribed, hides ports and blocks connections when necessary.

McAfee LiveSafe - Firewall

How to get a free McAfee LiveSafe license for 60 days

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1. Go to the offer page (if the promotion still doesn't show up, clear the cache and cookies, completely disable the ad blocker in browser extension management and try again) provide an email address and click «Get FREE trial».

McAfee LiveSafe offer page

2. In the letter you receive, click on one of the «Protect me» buttons in your computer or mobile device.

Protect me

3. Click «Download» on the open page.

Download McAfee LiveSafe

4. Accept the licensing agreement.

Accept a licensing agreement

5. Wait for the executable file to be downloaded and install the antivirus.

Install McAfee LiveSafe

Use the McAfee LiveSafe complex antivirus for 60 days for free.

License features
  • A 60-day license for an unlimited number of devices running Windows, macOS, Android or iOS.
  • The integrated antivirus is designed for non-commercial use.
  • Countdown to the license from the moment of registration.
  • There is no free technical support.
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