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ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium for Android and iOS — 6 months Free License

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ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium

Free ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium license for 6 months. The app scans documents with OCR, digitizes text documents in PDF, Word and Excel, and exports data generated to cloud storage running Android or iOS mobile operating systems.

Using ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium, scan any printed or handwritten documents, create the perfect digital copies, and store them in JPEG or PDF formats.

ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium - Document Scanner, Search, Document Creation in PDF

BookScan's unique feature is the quick and easy digitization of books. It divides the book's pages into two separate images, eliminates any defects, and aligns curved lines of text (iOS only).

ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium detects photos of documents on your Android or iOS mobile device in real time. Remove text from scanned documents offline or use online recognition to preserve the original document formatting. 193 languages and 12 formats are supported.

Use a set of simple tools to modify PDF files, add your signature or text box, use a marker, write with a pen, or hide sensitive content with an editing tool.

ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium - Cloud Download, Customization, Advanced Scanning

Share your scanned images by email, print or store in cloud storage, including Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud Drive and others.

How to get a free ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium for 6 months

1. Download ABBYY FineScanner AI and install on your mobile device:

Download ABBYY FineScanner AI

Supported operating systems: Android 5.0 and above | iOS 12.0 or newer

2. Activate by going into the Menu > More and hold «About the Appllication» (program) below with the licensed promo key:


Go to the Menu - More and Hold About the Appllication Activate ABBYY FineScanner AI Premium
License features
  • The license is granted for a period of 6 months.
  • Updates to new versions throughout the period.
  • There is no free technical support.
  • Only for private use.
Download Windows 10
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