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Degoo for Android — 100 GB Cloud Storage Free

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Degoo for Android

Get 100 GB of free cloud storage from Degoo for Android. Cloud storage based on artificial intelligence, using strong encryption, will help you safely store photos, videos, documents and music on your android smartphone or tablet.

Degoo Cloud Storage lets you share uploaded photos in real time. Fill files without size restrictions without losing quality. Provides secure exchanges with end-to-end encryption and ensures the security of your data.

Completely private and secure, only you have access to your photos, video materials, documents and music. Degoo is always online: you can access your files in the cloud from any computer from anywhere in the world using the Swedish company's web application.

Degoo Cloud Storage Features for Android

  • Storage is available for 3 devices, smartphone or tablet.
  • File storage threshold - 90 days of account inaction.
  • Reliable encryption by the AES 256 algorithm.
  • Bonus from attracting referrals - 500 GB.
  • Multiple copies of each file in the vault.
  • The ability to access a web application.
  • 5 GB for each invited friend.

Degoo app review

How to get 100 GB of cloud storage from Degoo for Android

1. Go to the Google Play Market page by clicking on the download button and install the app:

Download Degoo for Android

Android support: 5.0 or newer and depends on the device.

Download Degoo for Android

2. Register your account.

Register your account Degoo

And use the roomy storage for free.
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