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Ashampoo Soundstage 2020 — Free License

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Ashampoo Soundstage

Get a free Ashampoo Soundstage 2020 license. The app lets you enjoy surround sound through your computer's headphones. Surround sound audio is transformed into a stunning real-time stereophonic mode with a virtual sound card.

Ashampoo Soundstage 2020 instantly converts existing 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 modes into stereophonic stereos and sends them into headphones so you can get real surround sound without expensive hardware.

Ashampoo Soundstage main Window

Regardless of watching a movie, listening to music from a player or a computer game, Ashampoo Soundstage Pro 2020 will convey all the nuances of sound comparable to the original surround sound system, but with customizable settings of a particular room for a subtle sound. In addition, built-in presets for multiple headphones provide the best settings for popular models.

There is a game mode that adds spatial sound and helps you find and destroy enemies faster. The integrated Volume BOOST amplifier will make you sound powerful, making your computer very loud.

Ashampoo Soundstage Options

How to get a free Ashampoo Soundstage 2020 license

1. Open the offer page, enter your email address and request a key, activate your account by clicking on the link in the letter you came in. Enter your name, surname, date of birth and complete your account registration.

Note. The second email will bring login data to your account, email address and temporary password, change it to a more complex link in the email.

Ashampoo Soundstage Offer Page

2. Download Ashampoo Soundstage 2020 version 1.0.1 and install:

Download Ashampoo Soundstage

Operating Systems Support: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

3. Enter your email address from your account and click «Next».

Enter mail

4. Enter the password in the next window and activate by clicking on the button of the same name.

Enter the password and activate Ashampoo Soundstage

License features
  • Available for lifelong use.
  • Update the program as part of the current version.
  • There is no free technical support.
  • Only private use.
Download Windows 10
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