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Dr.Web Security Space — Free License for 3 months

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Doctor Web provides free 3-month licenses for the comprehensive antivirus product Dr.Web Security Space. Protect computers running Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems from viruses and other malware.

Dr.Web Security Space is one of Russia's most popular antivirus products, providing comprehensive protection of computers against viruses, all kinds of malicious software and hacker attacks blocking intrusions.

Dr.Web Security Space

The functionality of the comprehensive antivirus Dr.Web Security Space

  • Antivirus with real-time protection.
  • Behavioral threat identification.
  • Blocking malicious sites.
  • Anti-spam component.
  • Parental control.
  • Two-way firewall.
  • Ensuring confidentiality.
  • Protection against vulnerabilities and ransomware.

The comprehensive antivirus Dr.Web Security Space successfully fights against all Internet threats and serves as an excellent protection for a personal computer running Windows operating system, providing reliable security and privacy of users.

Dr.Web Security Space - Files fnd Network

How to get a free Dr.Web Security Space license for 3 months

1. Go to one of the pages of the platform you need, click on the «Download 3-month trial»  button and start registering.

Dr.Web Security Space - free for 3 months

2. Provide an email address, enter the image code, and click «Send». Follow the link in the letter you received.


3. Write your name or alias, select your country of residence, fill out the kapcha, click «Download Dr.Web» and download Dr.Web Security Space from the next page.

Download Dr.Web

4. Install an antivirus noting «Receive license during installation».

Receive license during installation

5. In the first step of «License Activation», enter the serial number you received in the mail.

Dr.Web Security Space Activation

Features of a free license
  • Free license for one computer for 3 months if you agree to receive service messages about the status of the license. If you refuse to deliver these messages, the license is blocked. Re-receiving is possible only nine months after the refusal of mailing.
  • The three-month period starts from the moment of activation, until the end of which you are entitled to a 40 % discount on the extension. Protection for mobile devices on the Android platform will be like a gift.
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