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Google Chrome doesn't download files — how to download

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Google Chrome

The most popular Internet browser Google Chrome stopped downloading files transmitted by unprotected protocol HTTP, our small guide will show how to download and solve this problem.

Google has introduced an innovation to its Chrome web browser and now blocks links that use the insecure HTTP protocol. Many users are looking for a solution to the problem of such blocking of downloads, let's try to get around it.

How to download if Google Chrome doesn't download file

1. Hover over the link you want, click the right button, select "Save link as..." and the ability to download resume.

Save link as

2. If the link is implemented on ovascript, there may be problems and downloads will not occur. In this case, use a third-party download program, such as Internet Download Accelerator and its Chrome extension.

Internet Download Accelerator

Download Master And in the first case, click the right button on the link, hover on Internet Download Accelerator > Download link and download the required file.

Download via Internet Download Accelerator

Now you can not be afraid of the innovation of the Chrome browser and it is easy to download the right files.
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