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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free patch (c)

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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is a free antivirus with cloud-based protection management functionality, complete with local backup and antivirus apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

The Kaspersky Security Cloud Free antivirus solution protects your computer or mobile device from viruses and aquifer applications, can adapt to user activity and enable the necessary features in real time.

It can be useful
Kaspersky Lab has been improving virus detection technologies for a long time, which gives excellent results of eliminating threats without much impact on the performance of the system.

Security section of Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Functionality of Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

  • Kaspersky Security Network cloud service.
  • Free protection of three of your devices.
  • Antivirus when surfing the web.
  • Antivirus for messengers.
  • Antivirus file system.
  • Protect your email.
  • Protection from internet fraud.
  • Program activity tracking function.
  • Technology against network attacks.
  • On-screen keyboard from data interception.
  • Password Manager Kaspersky Password Manager.
  • Protective connection Kaspersky Secure Connection.

With the ability to change the antivirus settings Kaspersky Security Cloud Free allows you to control additional parameters and improve the protective features.

Protection settings for Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

New in version patch (c)
- Fixed bugs in the antivirus.

New in Kaspersky Security Cloud 21 for Windows

The following new features and improvements have been added to Kaspersky Security Cloud:

- Implemented a new mechanism for installing the program extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser.
- Updated the interface of the components: Reports, Mail Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus, Notification Center, Protection against network attacks, Quarantine.
- Added support for UK and Brazilian data processing regulations, as well as support for California US residents' data processing regulations.
- A step for selecting the user's region has been added to the My Kaspersky account registration form. The region is determined automatically by the operating system settings or the program localization language.
- Reduced the number of notifications from the Devices component in my network when new devices connect to the network.
- The Devices component on my network now checks not only Wi-Fi networks, but also wired Ethernet networks.
- Added the ability to install a Kaspersky Lab application on a user's mobile devices to the Devices in my network component using the generated QR code.
- Added support for xSP-subscriptions by the program (sale, activation and renewal of subscription).

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free System Requirements
  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Android 4.2 or newer
  • iPhone and iPad - iOS 11.x and above

Right to use: Free for home users 3 devices (registration required)
Manufacturer: Kaspersky Lab
Developer country: Russia
Final version for Windows: patch (c)
Interface language: English
File size: Depending on the device

Download Kaspersky Security Cloud Free antivirus and keep your computer or mobile device safe:

Download Kaspersky Security Cloud Free
Download Windows 10
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