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Download Windows 10

Windows 10

Download Windows 10 from Microsoft official website to your computer. By downloading the original image of the Windows 10 current version, you'll be able to install it cleanly or simply update the system and add new features.

The Windows 10 operating system is designed for personal computers and is the most popular platform in the world. Windows 10 will provide everything you need right out of the box, a convenient interface, surfing the internet through the Edge browser, basic protection, DirectX 12 support, high display quality and decent game performance.

Windows 10 is constantly improving, has a convenient and modern interface incorporating dark and light mode. The state-of-the-art Windows 10 operating system is perfect for everyday work and entertainment purposes such as listening to music, watching movies and passing your favorite games.

Windows 10 is equipped with its own security center, free antivirus (Microsoft Defender), parental control and firewall. Optimized for multi-track tasks and gives the best work speed.

Note. Using Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10 and create an original image of the drive takes a long time.

Media Creation Tool

An alternative way to download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft servers allows you to do it much faster. All you need is a browser in your computer and you'll have the latest image of the Windows 10 October 2020 Update (version 20H2).

Download the original image of Windows 10 drive on Google Chrome

- This instruction will help you download Windows 10 in all browsers with the Chromium engine including the new Microsoft Edge.

1. Open Microsoft official website, click the right button and select «Inspect» or click «F12». Click on the three dots and go to More Tools and Network Conditions. In the «User agent» section, remove the tick from «Select automatically» and select «Chrome — Mac» or any configuration other than Windows.

Download Windows 10 via Google Chrome

2. Squeeze the «Shift» + «F5» and update the page cache, select a version of Windows 10, and click «Confirm».

Select version

3. Mark the language you want and confirm again.

Select language

Download the original Windows 10 image of the discharge you want.

Select bitness and download Windows 10

Download the original image of Windows 10 using the Firefox browser

Download Windows 10 using Firefox

1. Install User-Agent Switcher by Linder extension and select «Apple iOS (iPhone)».

2. Visit Microsoft and download Windows 10 following instructions.

Now you can easily and quickly download the original ISO image of Windows 10 from the official Microsoft site which you can record on a USB drive, just upgrade to the new version of the system or perform a clean installation.