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Spy Emergency 25.0.800

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Spy Emergency

Spy Emergency is an anti-spyware and anti-throan program with web protection and anti-spam. Scans a computer, finds and removes spyware, malicious software, blocks spam and other security threats.

Spy Emergency cleans and protects your computer from malware, trojans, advertising software, worms and viruses. Includes behavioral analysis technology in a virtualized environment, scans new files for suspicious and potentially harmful activities, detecting unknown threats that are not yet in the signature database.

Spy Emergency - Select scan modes

The built-in heuristic detection of Spy Emergency malware easily detects the latest infected files before they are detected by other security features.

Spy Emergency anti-spyware scanner Functionality

  • Protecting your personal computer in real time.
  • Fast, complete and selective scanning of the system.
  • Thin Active Protection and Detection Settings.
  • Web protection and anti-spam.
  • Recovery quarantine.
  • Automatic updates.
  • RAM protection.
  • White list.

Spy Emergency anti-spyware is compatible with other widespread antiviruses and security programs, which will be a good addition to identifying and eliminating malicious software in a computer that has been missed by basic protection.

Spy Emergency - Engine Settings

Spy Emergency System Requirements
  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista (64-bit)

Right to use: 15 days trial
Manufacturer: NetGate Technologies
Developer country: Slovakia
Final version: 25.0.800
Interface language: English
File size: 31.1 MB

Download Spy Emergency anti-spyware to detect and clean your computer from spyware and other malware:

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